When a client enters into a professional relationship with Sharon Henry, you can trust she has your best interest at heart! I asked a friend for a real estate agent recommendation and by the end of the business day Sharon Henry had sent a friend request on Facebook, Text me with a time to talk, then facetime me at my request, Because I was working in another state. From our initial conversation, she listened to my desires and concerns. She constantly reminded me that she would not allow me to buy a house she would not buy herself or she would not let a family member buy for themselves. While my experience buying my first home was not typical of most people’s experience, she was with me through the entire process. There were moments when I wasn’t sure I would find a house in my price range, nonetheless my dream home; but Sharon encouraged me to remain patient. I am about to celebrate my 2 year anniversary in my house and I still can’t believe it is mine…well, in 28 years it will be mine! I would recommend Sharon Henry to any of my family, friends, or colleagues; actually, I have!

J. Taylor